Pastels on the Plaza

In 1987, on the first Saturday in October, a handful of artists meet on the Arcata Plaza for a one-time morning of “Sidewalk” art.  Local businesses made a donation to Northcoast Children’s Services for each of the 29 squares.  The art was scattered along the spokes of the Plaza cement.  The City of Arcata staff was dubious about such an event.  Those “one time” artists and businesses had such a good time it was continued every year until Pastels on the Plaza became the largest art event on the Northcoast and a major fundraiser for Northcoast Children’s Services (a non-profit serving over 1,000 children and families a year in their local; children’s programs in Humboldt and Del Norte counties).

With October the weather is sometimes a consideration—wind, rain, drizzle, fog or sunshine—the artists endure and the event goes on.

The Farmer’s Market has always been very accommodating; the live music and the harvest bounty create a wonderful back drop for the art and shoppers alike.



Country Club

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