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Poetic Musings: The Capacity to See Beyond the Visible

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Words don’t decide how situations will resolve, but they do communicate irresolution, which is undeniable progress toward finding connection.

Tonight’s Which Way The Wind Festival event features poetry with poets Jerry Martien, Katy Gurin, Larry Crist, Anne Fricke, David Holper and Vincent Peloso.

This event is hosted by Jeff DeMark.

Musical accompaniment will be provided by Lettie Love and James Zeller.

Says DeMark: “Well, I’m just happy to introduce these great local writers and maybe toss in a bit of my own writing ( not too much). WIth North Korea sending missiles over Japan and Russia talking about nuclear weapons, the threat of nuclear madness is unfortunately very current.

“After all these years one would’ve hoped the world’s leaders would forever ban these weapons, but so often ego and power supersede logic and peace. I know this night and the poems that will be read will shed light on various aspects of this issue in a beautiful and very direct way.”

  • $15

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