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Pre & Postnatal Pilates Circuit Class

Vida Sana Studio

Vida Sana Studio Located at 325 2nd Street Eureka CA presents-
Pre & Postnatal Pilates Circuit Class
5 week series: February 4-March 4
Every Saturday at 11am
Pre-Pay on March 4- $50 ($10/class)
Pay as you go - $60 ($12/class)

This series of 5 is specifically designed for the pre and postnatal body and will be in accordance with ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise. Attendees will leave this series with a deeper understanding of their own bodies, a stronger mind-body connection, a solid understanding of the Pilates Principles, and specific breathing and movement methods they can utilize to engage their core during everyday functional and fitness movements. All participants should expect a variety of light/moderate cardio, resistance-training and core/stability strengthening exercises. Special emphasis on breathing techniques, proper form, and specific exercise modifications will be provided. This class will include a 10-minute warm-up, a 40-minute circuit of classical and modern Pilates exercises on the mat, reformer and spring wall, and a 5-minute cool-down. This class is open to anyone who is trying to conceive, is currently pregnant or is postpartum.
Please note: On the first day, all participants must acknowledge they are medically clear to start a Pilates exercise program. Postpartum participants shall have had their six-week postnatal check before starting.

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  • $50
  • $60 Pay each class

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