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RainbowMaker Art Exhibit and Raffle

Art Raffle 7pm - Ticket for $25+ donation Live Music 8pm Join Katie Rose RainbowMaker at the Historic Eagle House Ballroom for her first Solo Exhibit. Reception starts during Happy Hour at Phatsy Kline’s Parlor Lounge. It is a wonderful time to meet the artist and her work! As a special gift to her community who support her, Katie Rose is offering Raffle tickets for a limited selection of original artworks. These unique pieces record processes of discovery and experimentation in her artwork. Every one who offers a $25+ donation per raffle ticket will be guaranteed an original painting. There will be a limited amount of tickets so please come before Raffle starts at 7pm. Contact Katie Rose if you are unable to make the event but would still like a ticket. (Local Pick Up Only) After the Raffle there will be LIVE MUSIC by the Paula Jones Band- a fun mix of blues and jazz. All Ages Welcome. Exhibit will be up until May 12th. –––––––––––––- More About the Artist Katie Rose RainbowMaker is an Internationally Exhibiting Visionary Painter, Performer, Teacher and Spiritual Practitioner who lives in Bayside, California. She has been oil painting since 2001 and is credentialed in Art History, Art Education, and Metaphysics. As an Allegorist, she incorporates storytelling and symbolism, archeoastronomy, dreams, and mystical experiences into the discovery process of art making. Inspired by the cosmos, sound, light, spirit and community; her style is joyous, vibrant and invoking. Katie Rose sees visionary painting as a type of art that is instilled with spirit- considering the transcendental aspect as inseparable from the nature of human consciousness through out time and space. See more at Follow on Instagram @KatieRoseRainbowMaker All Offers Are Considered, Please Contact More Info:

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