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Sanctuary Forest Radio Hour

KMUD - Redwood Community Radio, Inc.

Please tune into KMUD on Thursday, May 31st at 7:00 p.m. for the Sanctuary Forest Radio Hour. Sanctuary Forest’s Lands Director Galen Doherty and Education Director Anna Rogers will be previewing the 2018 hike schedule; ranging from child friendly river-walks to timber harvest tours. We will also be hearing about upcoming events from both the Mattole Restoration Council and the Lost Coast Interpretive Association. The 2nd half of the show will focus on Sanctuary Forest’s ongoing efforts to promote coordinated water management and facilitate the development of tributary collectives in key tributaries in the Mattole River. Be sure and tune in to learn about our hikes and how you and your neighbors can help reduce the low flow problem in our local streams! The final 15 minutes of the show will be call-in.

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