Sci-Fi Night: Idiocracy (2006)

Every Wednesday, get your fix of the best in cult classic Sci-Fi cinema, specially curated short films unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and free raffle prizes to satisfy the collector and Sci-Fi enthusiast in us all. Doors/Pre-Show at 6PM This week’s main feature: Idiocracy (2006) at 7:30PM $5 - Tickets available on our website. The COUXP will be running the kitchen. Full bar. Cash/Card accepted. Cosplay HIGHLY encouraged. As well as audience participation (in a respectful manner of course). Know the words to a song in the movie? Sing. Something amazing in the movie happen that deserves cheering and applause. Go for it! Chances are you aren’t alone and the whole theatre will erupt with an energy of fandom that you can’t experience any other way than a night out celebrating classic, genre cinema with friends, family, and fellow movie lovers.

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