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Science on Screen: Tank Girl (1995) and Apocalyptic Technologies

Hey Cormac McCarthy, we prefer our post-apocalypse with a lot less relentless suffering and a lot more kick-ass riot grrrlz wearing candy necklaces, just sayin. “Science on Screen” returns in February, featuring the bonkers-in-a-good-way Tank Girl (1995) and lecturer Lonny Grafman. This event will pair popular cinema with the real-science of how to survive, or maybe even prevent, an apocalypse. The year is 2033 and the world is a desert. An evil corporation not only holds rights to all the planet’s water supply but acts as government. Rebel girls Tank Girl, Jet Girl, and Sub Girl join the Rebel Rippers to overthrow Water & Power Corporation’s corrupt regime. Lonny Grafman is an Instructor of Environmental Resources Engineering and Appropriate Technology at Humboldt State University, Founder and President of the Appropedia Foundation, and the Advisor for the epi-apocalyptic city art projects, Waterpod, Flock House, and WetLand. Lonny has led teams all over the world assisting communities with sustainability projects including the use of solar power to improve cookstoves, micro-hydro power, rainwater catchment, and constructing plastic bottle schoolrooms. He believes the most vital component to sustainability is community. Tickets are $5 all ages. Doors open at 6:30 PM, lecture begins at 7:00, movie begins at 8:00.

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