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Similar Fashion, House of Faern

Similar Fashion is a thunderous quartet from Los Angeles that is uncomfortable in its ostensible hometown of “jazz,” but unwilling to settle for too long anywhere else. The group features Logan Hone on Sax, Lauren Baba on Viola, Greg Uhlmann on Guitar and Jesse Quebbeman-Turley on Drums The songs featured on their latest album “Portrait of” were developed over the course of two tours in 2016, during which Logan began to experiment with dance as an element of their performances. His heartfelt saxophone solos became increasingly full of gesticulation and footwork, and when the band played “My Heart & Lungs,” he set his horn down and danced across the stage. Portrait of folds different aspects of Similar Fashion’s evolution into each other like a shuffled deck of cards — not so much a synthesis as a well-proportioned interspersal of elements from Bill Frisell’s Americana, Arthur Russell’s plainspoken disco, Tim Berne’s contrapuntal puzzles, and Deerhoof’s booming punk. Opening the concert will be House of Faern, a new group featuring John Wood, Matt Wrobel and Beth Shenck.

  • $10

Country Club

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