Missing Link Soul Night 19

The honor of your presence is requested at Humbrews the evening of May 18th at 9:00pm sharp, so that Soul Night may present to you an elegant five-course dancing experience. Lucky guests will be treated to a delicious sampling of tasty delights that will satisfy even the most discriminating palette. The menu is as follows (sorry, no substitutions):

Soup: DJ Red ladles out a hearty bowl of Soul Gumbo, featuring ingredients from the Tamla/Motown, Okeh, and Fame labels.

Salad: Mantea$e serves up a delicious and good-for-you blend of handpicked, organically grown Cumbia, tossed with a dressing that’s all sass and high-class (pants optional). 

Appetizer: King Maxwell’s world famous Funkin’ Soul Rolls, crispy golden brown on the outside, light and funky on the inside. These incredible creations will have your taste buds boogieing. How does he do it? It’s his secret!

Main Course: Adam (sans Matt) is baking up huge portions of Filet Of Soul, line caught the old-fashioned in the Long Rip Sea. Topped with a flavorful R & B sauce, Adam calls it “the meat that moves your feet.”

Desert: Jaymorg teams up with DJ Red, and together they whip up a decadent Hot Funk Sundae. Featuring big scoops of dark chocolatey funk, drizzled with soul claps then topped with slap-bass sprinkles. Funk yes!

All this for only 5 bucks! Tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime gala are available NOW at Missing Link Records.

  • $5
  • Ages: 21+

Country Club

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