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The Handshakers

The Handshakers are back along with delicious Wood-Fired Pizza from Pizza Gago. Friday, Sept. 7th at 6pm. Their previous show at Wrangletown was something not to be missed! This is the final music and food event for the season, so come on out and start your weekend off with a great time! All ages welcome. The Handshakers (formerly Rogues’ Gallery) The heart of The Handshakers beats with two gifted, Georgia-born songwriters, Mike Bynum and Michael Walker. The native Southerners met in Arcata, California a few years ago and formed the band. They write about the longing for the return of mojo and the world they left behind – songs of family and rural life – as well as marital betrayal and revenge murder. The Handshakers’ Americana/alt-country music revolves around the ensemble sound of Walker’s sultry electric guitar, Bynum’s driving acoustic rhythm guitar and Aleister Paige’s atmospheric pedal steel guitar. And then there’s Walker’s and Bynum’s soaring– and sometimes gritty – vocals and harmonies. The quintet lives in Arcata, located on Northern California’s redwood coast. The group’s sound and songs have a cinematic feel, emotion pouring through memorable lyrics. The simple, elegant melodies played by Walker, Bynum and Paige are complemented by the steady, subtle grooves of electric bassist Gary Davidson and drummer Paul DeMark.

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