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The Local 2nd Anniversary

The Local Cider Bar

From The Local:

March 15th will be our 2nd Anniversary! Crazy how time flies! Come Join us celebrate from Noon till Midnight on March 15th. We will be doing what we do best, and that is bringing you the most amazing beers you have ever had. For the main event we will be releasing this years Collaboration Beer we did with our good friends over at Eel River Brewing Company . This is no ordinary beer! This is a Vanilla Ice Beer, aptly named, Stop, Collaborate and ….? This ale was brewed, fermented, then iced, concentrating the brew, then blended with a bourbon barrel edition, and aged on vanilla beans. Coming in at somewhere around 14% ABV Pretty sure we have never seen anything like it. You won’t want to miss out on this. If Bourbon Barrel aged Vanilla Ice Beers are not your thing, check out the tap list. We will be putting on a ton of new beers never seen on tap anywhere else in Humboldt, as well as introducing a few new breweries to Humboldt County. If you like sour beers prepare yourself for some of the best, if you like IPA’s we will have dbl IPA’s. Triple IPA’s, Red IPA;s Belgian IPA’s, Dry Hopped IPA’s, Also on the list: barrel aged beers, Lagers, Belgian styles, Nitro Beers. and new ciders on tap for the first time from our friends over at Two Rivers, and Julian. Generally everything awesome. There will be Bacon, as well as other food. Its a day not to be missed! Can’t wait to see you all there. Below are a few beers we will be tapping.

The Local Anniversary #2 Eel River Collab Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Iced Old Ale

The Local Anniversary #1 Mad River Collab Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Porter

The Bruery Melange #3 17% ABV 
is a blend of three bourbon barrel aged strong ales. White Oak sap, a wheat wine, our Anniversary Series Old Ale, and our imperial stout. Black Tuesday, join forces in this luxurious strong ale that links some of the best characteristics of each of the contributing beers. 

Gueuze TilquinThe Gueuze Tilquin draft version (4,8% alc/vol) 
is a spontaneous fermentation beer obtained from the blending of a low alcohol lambic (called Meerts or March beer) with 1 and 2 years old lambics matured in oak barrels. Unfiltered and unpasteurized, it is re-fermented in stainless steel kegs for a minimum period of 3 months. The lambics used were fermented and matured in our own oak barrels,made from worts brewed by Boon, Lindemans, Girardin and Cantillon.The taste is tart, dry and refreshing. The nose is fresh and lemony. An ideal light gueuze for terraces in the summer and for discovering the beers of spontaneous fermentation.

Knee Deep Simtra 11.2% ABV 
Simtra Triple IPA delivers a punch in the face with its very danky hop aroma derived from Simcoe and Citra hops. You wanted more hops you got them.

Lost Abbey Red Poppy
Red Poppy Ale is a veritable celebration of Sour Cherries in an explosion of aromas and tastes. Brewed from a brown ale base and aged in our oak barrels for over 6 months, this beer is not for the faint of heart.

Barrel Aged Old Rasputin 
celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of the first bottling of Old Rasputin. This special batch of Old Rasputin was aged for a year in oak bourbon barrels, and it is truly amazing—even more depth and complexity than we had hoped for.

Port Brewing Hop 15 Welcome to Hop 15
A profound hop experience. A Double IPA like no other, Hop-15 was originally brewed to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Pizza Port in 2002. We thoughtfully designed Hop-15 to be an explosion of Lupulin resulting in a truly memorable hop experience with every sip.

Oskar Blues Old Chub Nitro 8% ABV
This jaw-dropping Scottish strong ale is brewed with bodacious amounts of malted barley and specialty grains, and a dash of beechwood-smoked malt. Old Chub features semi-sweet flavors of cocoa and coffee, and a wee-bit of smoke. A head-turning treat for malt heads a folks who think they don’t dig dark beer.

Berryessa Double Tap 8.5% ABV | 70+ IBU’s
Pour a hazy orange with a thick white head and a sticky mandarin-tropical aroma with a rich malt base a hop drenched mouth feel tastes of fruit and bitterness that will not linger. 

10 Barrel Pray For Snow 7% ABV 
This delicately balanced Strong Ale starts with dark copper color mixed with slight reddish hues and a light tan head. Big malty aroma with a Munich character give way to a slight caramel & toffee mixed with spicy noble hop aroma, all wrapped together with a medium-bodied mouth feel.

Almanac Valley Of The Hearts Delight 
This sour ale is inspired by the agricultural history of the Santa Clara Valley. Long before it became Silicon Valley, it was known as the Valley of The Heart’s Delight, a fertile basin overflowing with fruit orchards. Brewed with foraged apricots, loquats and cherries handpicked by the Garden To Table non-profit

Alesmith Horny Devil 11% ABV 
This is the AleSmith incarnation of a Belgian Strong Ale. Horny Devil is an authentic Belgian Style ale, from the Belgian candi sugar right down to the yeast, a Belgian strain from a Trappist monastery in Belgium. In addition to the malts, candi sugar and fresh hops, there is also a little added twist from coriander seeds, which impart a refreshing citrus flavor to an outstanding ale. Belgian ale lovers around the world have raved about Horny Devil, and you will too.

Heretic Evil Twin 6.8% abv 
This blood-red ale may not be what you might expect from a malty and hoppy craft beer. Evil Twin has a rich malt character, without being overly sweet. It has a huge hop character, without being overly bitter. It is a great example of a bold, rich, balanced craft beer, without being heavy and hard to drink in quantity. Our Evil Twin is only bad because it is too good to resist.

Knee Deep Batch 138 
Knee Deep’s Batch 138 India Pale Ale is brewed with three types of C hops and Simcoe, which gives this West Coast IPA an aroma that resembles a cat that has peed in a pine tree. Batch 138 finishes dry and crisp and is sure to leave you in hop euphoria.

Midnight Sun Berserker 13% ABV 
This version of Berserker Imperial Stout was aged in oak bourbon barrels. The entire batch was transferred from oak into a stainless tank before being filtered, carbonated and packaged in kegs and 22-oz bottles.

Redwood Curtain Centennial Jack 
Brewed in honor of Humboldt State University’s 100th anniversary, we decided the best way to pay homage was to use 100% Centennial hops in a sessionable pale ale! Pours a golden orange color with a crisp off-white head. Delicate citrus and floral hop aromas are a perfect counterbalance to the full and slightly sweet mid palate with a clean dry finish.

Two Rivers Huckleberry Cider 
A rare and wonderful fruit. The sweet aroma of berries and a delicious floral mouthful. You will enjoy it till the very last drop.
Two Rivers Granny Smith Cider

Berryessa Cease and Desist 
A hazy yellow Belgo-American ale brewed with around 25% flaked brown rice and a blend of special hops, couples with a unique yeast blend. An ale brewed in collaboration with Auburn Ale House.

Julian Black and Blue 
100% fresh-pressed, with no apple juice concentrates, we make all our hard cider from the freshest apples in the United States. This gluten free, 100% natural hard cider is infused with the juice of American-grown and sustainably farmed Blackberries and Blueberries.

Jolly Pumpkin Fuego Del Otono 
Ale brewed with chestnut and spices 
To catch a bit of soft radiance in each special bottle, we wait for fall colors to begin their bright and fleeting glow before brewing this wonderful ale under their autumn fire. Gentle amber malts lead smooth caramel notes, gently lapping against a shore of distant forgotten spice. A beer to contemplate and enjoy!

Weihenstephaner Lager 
A good beer takes time. The long lager time makes our pale beer a matter of mild, flavourful beer enjoyment. Brewed in accordance with a centuries-old beer tradition on Weihenstephan Hill.

And Many More!!


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