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“The Road to Recovery: Snowy Plovers on the Oregon Coast

Join Redwood Region Audubon Society for a program entitled “The Road to Recovery: Snowy Plovers on the Oregon Coast.” Snowy Plovers were once a common West Coast beach-nesting bird. As the human population increased, plovers suffered significant declines. In Oregon, surveys conducted from the early 1970’s through 1990 showed drastic declines leading to fewer than 50 plovers remaining at only a handful of sites. In 1990, The Nature Conservancy began a monitoring program to determine how many plovers remained, and where they were breeding; and helped coordinate and implement a recovery program along the Oregon coast. Speaker David J. Lauten, who has been studying Snowy Plovers for the Oregon Biodiversity Center since 1997, will discuss the history of the recovery effort, what recovery looks like and what lessons in wildlife management have been learned. Bring a mug for shade-grown coffee and come fragrance-free.

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