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The Sound of Soul Event

Adorni Center

“Every thought, word, or deed either purifies or pollutes the body. This is very important, very powerful, because it deals with your state of consciousness.”

“The HU song is a purifier. It will uplift and strengthen you in wisdom and awareness”
Harold Klemp, “The Sound of Soul”, pages 22, 23

This is an in-person public event, open to any who want to experience the uplifting Sound of Soul─HU─and the benefits that come from it.

This sacred word can be sung by anyone of any religion, culture or walk of life. It is not meant to change your religion. HU will enhance it.

Learn a Spiritual Exercise to gain greater awareness of divine love, and help unlock that hidden part of yourself - Soul.


Listen to a heart-opening spiritual quote

Experience a 15 minute HU Chant followed by quiet contemplation

Share your spiritual experiences, ask questions, and personally learn in this spiritually-focused conversation

Family and friends are always welcome.

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