Undam the Klamath Day of Action!

We need your help getting Pacific Power and their owner, Warren Buffet to keep their promise to remove the Klamath River dams. There are online and in person actions planned. Help plan your own! Drop a banner, plan a rally, call Buffett’s office, take a photo, make a meme, make a video. Post your social media using the hashtags #UnDamtheKlamath #BuffetDamsKill #Klamathjustice and #WarrenBuffett. Tag PacifiCorp, Warren Buffett, the Gates foundation and Kate Brown and Gavin Newson. Everyone that is committed to the survival of the Pacific Salmon, Native American rights, corporate accountability and clean water is invited to join in or plan actions, such as a virtual rallies, twitter storm, banner drops and COCID safe in person rallies. We will also be working to block other Berkshire Hathaway deals due to them being a bad and to get Berkshire’s fourth largest shareholder, the Gates Foundation, to demand dam removal promises are kept. People and organizations from Seattle, Portland, Klamath, Washington DC and San Diego will be participating. Register for the Mobilizing Water Justice: UnDam the Klamath virtual rally and action at 3:30 at tinyurl.com/Mobilize4water or contact regina@californiasalmon.org if you want to organize your own action. Also follow and share action on twitter @CaliSalmon, here on FB or on Instagram @CaliRivers.

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