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What Will You Make Of It? Call for Participation

SCRAP Humboldt

Have you always wanted to paint a glitter unicorn on obsolete technology?

SCRAP Humboldt seeks community participation in an art exhibit featuring mythical creatures in all their forms, rendered on a material that has become equally as mythical and unseen: the computer floppy disk. SCRAP Humboldt will provide the canvas, you draw, invent or sculpt the mythical creature of your choice.

Entry forms and disks can be picked up in Arcata at SCRAP Humboldt at 101 H street, The Art Center at 823 H street and in Eureka at Shipwreck, 430 3rd street. All finished pieces must be delivered to SCRAP Humboldt by 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 30.

The completed pieces will be showcased during Arts! Arcata, Friday May 8th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., in a one-night gallery affair (location to be announced). All proceeds from the sale of artwork will benefit SCRAP Humboldt’s The (Re)Workshop, the creative education studio space. SCRAP Humboldt works hard to make inexpensive, unique materials available to the local arts community, while simultaneously showcasing finished works by local artists in our Re:Boutique, and hosting artists in The (Re)Workshop.

This is opportunity to let your inner artist out, celebrate your favorite mythical creature, and support your local creative reuse center. It is inspiring to see what creative magic comes out of giving community members the same discarded item to be transformed into something beautiful and mysterious.

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