Wind Power in Humboldt County — a panel discussion on the proposed TerraGen Wind Generation Project

In this Sustainable Futures Speakers Series event, a panel representing a diverse set of perspectives will discuss possibilities for wind energy development in Humboldt County. The proposed wind farm at the Monument and Bear River ridges could generate about 500 GWh annually, which is equivalent to approximately 60% of Humboldt County’s electricity use. Anticipated project features include a significant contribution to north coast renewable energy generation and to California’s clean energy mandate; creation of local green jobs and technical expertise; and Humboldt Bay development. Concerns raised include impacts on bat and bird deaths; tree removal; effects on sites with cultural and ecological significance to Native American Tribes; erosion and sedimentation from sub-river drilling and road expansion; visual impacts; light and noise pollution; and traffic congestion. The panel includes Adam Canter, Matthew Marshall, Nathan Vajdos, Tom Wheeler, and Donna Wright, and will be moderated by Schatz Center Director Arne Jacobson. Adam Canter is a Botanist with the Wiyot Tribe. Matthew Marshall is the Executive Director of the Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA). Nathan Vajdos is the Senior Director for Wind Development at Terra-Gen, LLC. Tom Wheeler is the Executive Director at the Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC). Donna Wright is the President/CEO of the Greater Eureka Chamber of Commerce. The panel discussion will take place at 5:30 pm on Thursday, October 10th in Founders Hall 118 on the HSU campus. For more information, call 826-4345 or visit

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