World Tai Chi Day

Free Tai Chi instruction at 10am on Saturday, April 27th to celebrate World Peace. Over 90 countries will be participating in a wave of global healing energy that circles the globe, starting at the 10 Am mark in each time zone, and rippling across the planet. Come and be a part of this global healing celebration. No experience is required, just a willingness to play and have fun. Tai Chi has shown, in clinical studies, to boost the immune system, and drop the risk of falling, by 50%. The Mayo Clinic states that 2.5 million Americans now do Tai Chi, and Harvard has also researched and issued the Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi. Bill Douglas, author of Tai Chi for Dummies is the original creator of the world-wide event that is being hosted locally, on the Arcata Plaza, by Tai Chi for Everyone. Call Glenda for more information at 268-3936.

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