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Caleb Quaye

Some years ago, Eric Clapton attended the David Letterman TV show. When Letterman complimented him as the best guitarist in the world, Clapton replied that “no, a guy named Caleb Quaye is the best guitarist in the world!”. Coming to Faith Center May 25 for a worship night and May 26 and 27 for our services. It’s all free. See you there! Caleb Quaye was born and raised in London, England. During the late sixties and seventies, he was well-known studio musician as well as being Elton John’s original guitarist and producer. He also worked with such rock legends as Mick Jagger, Pete Townsend, and Paul McCartney. In 1982 Caleb’s life was radically changed when he became a Christian, which resulted in a call to the ministry as a musician/evangelist. From 1986–1995 Caleb served as Associate Pastor, Chief Musician and Staff Evangelist at Pasadena Foursquare Church in California. From 1995-2000 Caleb served as the National Worship Director for the Foursquare denomination, ministering all over the United States, England and Europe. From 2004 – 2009 Caleb also served as adjunct faculty at LIFE Pacific College and founding elder and worship pastor for LIFEhouse Foursquare Church in San Dimas California. Today Caleb is currently serving as an Elder of Worship at The Church On The Way and travels the world as a “Musicianary” using music as a transcultural means to reach people with a message of hope!

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