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LoCO STRAWPOLLZ: Who Are You Supporting to Be the Next Humboldt County District Attorney?

Kamada! Eads! Acosta! Who you likin’, Humboldt?

With election day about two weeks away, sheer curiosity is prompting your Lost Coast Outpost to deploy our unscientific political thermometer to try and get some idea about how people are leaning in the upcoming races. 

First up: Which of the following candidates are you backing to succeed Maggie Fleming as the next Humboldt County District Attorney?

This poll will close at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, May 24th.

[Note: LoCO is onto you ballot stuffers. So since this poll matters not at all, we have readjusted the numbers to reflect something more closely resembling the reality of how this dumb thing was playing out. Thanks for your passion!]


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