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POLL! Which of the Ten (10) Commandments is Humboldt Best at Obeying?

Due to the efforts of some Louisiana lawmakers with odd motivations, none other than the Ten Commandments are back in the news, people! We did it! 

Yes, earlier this week Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry signed a bill into law that will require all elementary and secondary schools and universities that receive state funding to display Old Testament scripture in all of their classrooms. Some 40 years ago, the Supreme Court declared a similar law unconstitutional, but in this new era where nothing matters, everything is on the table. Exciting times.

While commiserating over this week’s news, LoCO found itself wondering: How good is Humboldt at following the law handed down on stone tablets to Moses in the 20th chapter of Exodus? And further, which commandment are we, as a community, best at adhering to? We now put this pressing question to you, friends. You have the weekend to decide. Good luck.    

2,210 votes cast.


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