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POLL! The Humboldt Aurora Borealis: Hot or Not?

LoCO‘s attempts to dub this the “Sara Borealis” seem to have failed, but that’s OK | Photo: Andrew Goff

If your algorithms work anything like ours, your weekend news feeds were filled with bright pink and purple imagery created by folks who stayed up long enough to point their cameras at the rare-for-Humboldt aurora borealis. This type of sky show is, of course, the result of coronal mass ejections colliding with the Earth’s magnetic field (something we totally already knew about, friends). Anyway, LoCO thought it was neat.

As far as today goes, while the visual effects will almost assuredly be greatly diminished, the National Weather Service has issued another geomagnetic storm watch for Tuesday evening, when it’s more likely there will be clear skies in coastal Humboldt than the last couple nights. So if you point your phone at the sky you still might get something. 

So what say you, Humboldt? Are you now full-fledged aurora borealis superfans?

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