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Bright, Bold, and Fancy – Eureka Releases New Brand

At noon today, the City of Eureka launched their new and long-awaited brand strategy. The “brand book,” designed by the City’s Agency, Eddy Alexander, includes sample ads, merchandise, posters, and more as well as the creative elements used to build them. After 11 months of community input and production, the logo, color palette, graphic elements, writing style, positioning strategy, and more have been laid out for public consumption.

The City says the projects’ timing was perfect.

“This project was originally designed to help our citizens celebrate the best of what we have to offer and to encourage all of our citizens to start visualizing our future and working together towards what is possible in the years ahead,” Acting City Manager Pam Powell said. “Although no one could have predicted the pandemic, the original objectives of this project — to stimulate the local economy, and to encourage our citizens in their placemaking efforts — have never been more critical than they are now. We are delighted with how this has all evolved. Eddy Alexander has led our community through a very collaborative process and has found several creative ways to demonstrate their understanding of what makes our community unique. The result is beautiful, professional, authentic, and aspirational. We just love how it turned out.”

Those that want to check it out should head over to The site features a new video, the official brand book, and encourages citizens to engage with the new brand - offering up social media frames, downloadable video graphic backgrounds, and a chance to participate in itinerary building and local storytelling through the “Perfect Eureka Day” project.

Offline, there are two newly restored billboards along the 101 and just this morning a larger than life banner was installed on the side of City Hall.

The City’s marketing agency, Eddy Alexander, reports that while the County is reopening hotels and other visitor lodging tomorrow, they are not yet proactively advertising the region. They say that will come in a few more weeks.

“This is a moment for the community to digest and embrace the new brand,” Eddy Alexander’s local Community Marketing Coordinator Emily Kirsch said. “It was the community who inspired and directed the design, and it will be our community that gives it meaning. We hope that our local businesses will think about how this new brand can help them as they work so hard on their own reopening plans. This community has so much to offer. It’s been a tough year, but personally, I’m really excited about what comes next.”