Daily Photo

Drunk on hyacinth nectar, the bumblebee (and several of his friends) failed to go home.  In the morning, he awoke still soused and feeling blue.


Hey, if you’re like me and look at many beautiful photos every day by talented people, you find it difficult to find new ways of expressing your delight.  If so, you need this urbane comment generator.  If you find it difficult to find new ways to express your absolute disgust with the photographer, you might enjoy hurling Shakespearean insults for a change of pace.

Instead of saying,  “I like that!”  You could be commenting, “”It’s difficult to enter into this work because the iconicity of the spatial relationships seems very disturbing in light of the eloquence of this photograph.”

Or if you don’t like it, instead of merely saying, “You’re an idiot.” You could call me an “artless rude-growing baggage.”

Thanks to Kato and rveWong for pointing these out.