June 2019

(PHOTOS) Check These Trippy Long-Exposure Shots From Redwood Acres Fairgrounds

September 2017

(PHOTOS) Let’s All Take a Break From Today’s Environmental Hazards, Crime and Sex Allegations to Enjoy Some Purdy Sunset Pictures

July 2017

Photo Series: Humboldt County Wildlife In June

June 2017

Maybe the Most Humboldt Photo You’ll See All Year

September 2016

Time-Lapse Trip: The South Fork Eel River Watershed

Check Out These Amazing Photos of Our Local Wildlife

August 2016

Humboldt Time-Lapse: The Perseid Meteor Shower and a Stargazing Jackrabbit

July 2016

Chief Mills Tweets: ‘Heavily Armed Delusional Man’ in Custody

November 2015

(PHOTOS) Alaskan Storms Cause Big Surf Along the Humboldt Coast

August 2015

PHOTOS: An Outsider’s Images Capture the ‘Deeply Complicated’ Cultures of Humboldt County

December 2014

On the Bay: A Look at the Intersection of Man and Nature

June 2014

Images From Oyster Festival 2014 (PHOTOS)

May 2014

McKennatic Glory Day Three: Over the Finish Line and Into The Palace

McKennatic Glory Day Two: The Sculptures Get Wet (PHOTOS)

McKennatic Glory: More Photos From Today’s Kinetic Sculpture Race Day One (PHOTOS)

March 2014

Waves! Big and Beautiful

December 2013

This Weekend in Photos

Photo Images from Today

June 2013

Photos: Eagles Get Banded

November 2011

Snow This Weekend?

Occupy Thanksgiving?

October 2011

Clearing Storm

A Micro Look at Marijuana

August 2011

Construction on 101 Slide Near Redway Results in Traffic Delays

Too Close For Comfort?

June 2011

Halfway to Heaven

May 2011

Avenue of the Giants for Memorial Day

The Oldest Canyon Live Oak in Humboldt?

Rare Sight—-An Anise Swallowtail

You Ain't Nothin' But A Hounds-tongue

Who You Calling Yellow

Spring—What a Beautiful Season

April 2011

Rainbow on Humboldt Bay

Missing the Rainbow

Have a Hoppy Happy 4/20 Day

Sunset on Green Rock

Coyote in the Rain

Oh Dear, It Rained Again

Sun Setting

Waterfall with Wildflowers

Scenes from the Slide on Highway 101

Why I Love Humboldt

Maple on a Hill

Sunshine and Fog—A Humbodlt Morning

March 2011


Don't Try This: Kayaking Waterfalls in Humboldt

Do You Know What it is?

February 2011

Oak Tree at Sunrise

Protest Photos From Inside CalTrans

January 2011

Sunset on Green Rock

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