Once in a very long time a performer grabs your heart and shakes your hand.  For you, that artist speaks to your soul.  At the Emerald Cup this Saturday,  Lukas Nelson made me want to dance and holler.  His guitar playing rocked the house.  His athletic performance energized the audience.  At one point he actually jumped in the air repeatedly, landed on his knees and in his enthusiasm began ripping out notes on his guitar with his TEETH.  My mind knows this was all carefully rehearsed.  But I can’t believe that.  Instead it felt as though, he just exploded in a wave of passion for his music.

But better than his guitar playing which was reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix was his crooning ballads which evoked one of my favorite musicians of all times, a musician I later discovered was his father, Willie Nelson.  He has an album coming out on the 21st of this month.  I plan to buy it.