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November 2019

(VIDEO) Yesterday’s City Hippie Story Inspired People to Send Us Lots More Humboldt-Recorded Hip-Hop Tracks and Music Videos, So We Decided to Share Them All

Remembering the Dead: The Dia de los Muertos March from Fortuna to Eureka Highlights Mexican Culture and Remembers Deceased Loved Ones

October 2019

(PHOTOS) Artists Transform Arcata Sidewalks into Colorful Canvases for Annual Pastels on the Plaza

September 2019

HONK ON: Rex Bohn, Mid-Reelection Campaign, Announces Canceled Eureka Trucker’s Parade Back On!

Howdy, Ranch Owners: The Film Commission Would Be Much Obliged to Put Your Homestead in One of Them Fancy Moving Pictures

No More HONK HONK HONK! Eureka Truckers Christmas Parade Organizers Say They’re Done

July 2019

Ambitious Twentysomethings to Buy Arcata Theatre Lounge; Business Duo Says They Plan to Offer Restaurant-Style Dining, Multi-Screen Sports Days and Bottomless Mimosas

Time to Get WET and WEIRD! The 50th Anniversary Gasquet Raft Races are This Weekend, and They’re Looking for More Participants

Some Poetic Soul Tried to Plant a Redwood Tree in Arcata’s Old McKinley Statue Plot, Which Sits Above a Mound of Solid Granite

June 2019

On the Yurok Tribe: An Interview With Abby Abinanti, Chief Judge of the Yurok Tribe (Part 3)

Life and the Law: An Interview With Abby Abinanti, Chief Judge of the Yurok Tribe (Part 2)

Doing Justice: An Interview With Abby Abinanti, Chief Judge of the Yurok Tribe (Part 1)

(PHOTOS) This is What the ‘Best of Humboldt Fair’ Looks Like This Year

(PHOTOS) O Yeah! Another Exciting Oyster Fest

O NUMBERS! Turns Out the Whole Oyster Fest Bacteria Scare Was Caused by Bad Math

(UPDATED) O DEAR! Arcata Oyster Fest Forced to Secure Out-of-State Oysters After High Bacteria Levels Found in Local Supply

Fortuna Boy Scouts Will Ceremonially Burn Old American Flags This Weekend

May 2019

(PHOTO) Ooo! Look at This Demolition and Imagine Biting Into That First Double-Double

(VIDEO) SKI HUMBOLDT! You Can Ski Humboldt in Late May and Here is Proof, Says Champion County Pumpkin Grower and His Crew of Weirdos

‘No Room for Hate at Reggae’: Sizzla Performance Canceled

Sigh. We’re Doing This Again? Gay-Bashing Doofus Sizzla Once Again Invited to Headline Reggae on the River

Are You Ready for Some Crabs Baseball?

(VIDEO) Sara Bareilles Releases New Mother’s Day Tune

April 2019

(PHOTOS) Humboldters Drink Beer and Run in a Circle (With Predictable Results)

(VIDEO) Humboldt, Where the Streets are Literally Lined With Weed on 4/20

‘Racism Kills!’ Supervisor Bohn Adjourns Meeting and Leaves Chambers Amid Outcry Over Derogatory Joke

(VIDEO) Artifact of Legendary Humboldt County Murderer Seth Kinman Featured on ‘Antiques Roadshow’ Yesterday

March 2019

OP-ED: An Open Letter to Humboldt County, From a Survivor of the Camp Fire

(VIDEO) Bye-Bye, Bill: The William McKinley Statue is Headed to Ohio

Humboldt County Residents Are Politically Intolerant, According to This (Possibly Dubious) Analysis

(PHOTOS) Bill McKinley Lies in State With a Tire For a Pillow

February 2019

Ed’s Sanctuary: How an Ornate Hidden Garden Grew Into Eureka’s Largest Homeless Camp and Then Got Bulldozed by the City

January 2019

Oh Dear God, Please Not Again With This Horseshit About Humboldt County’s Missing Persons Rate

(VIDEO) Masked Humboldt Pot Growers Dish to ‘Inside Edition’ About Murder Mountain: ‘It Ain’t No Joke’

It’s Time to Go Home Now

(VIDEO) ‘They’re All Short, Fat Guys in Tights’ Says Slattery of Hoodslam Heroes as He Narrowly Avoids City Hall Ass-Whooping

Terrified of Upcoming Rematch With ‘Hoodslam Goons,’ Eureka Community Services Director Makes Last-Ditch Effort to Get in Shape

New York Times Lists HACHR Executive Director as One of the ‘18 Memorable People We Met Across the Country in 2018’

December 2018

Thriller Filmed in Del Norte Redwoods Comes Out on Netflix Today; Stephen King Says He Was ‘Riveted’ By It

Arcata Latest Local Government to Support Coastal Bike Route That Will Take Cyclists From Canada to Mexico

(VIDEO) SLATTERY SLAPS BACK! Eureka’s Beat Down Bureaucrat Lashes Out at Hoodslam Wrestlers, LoCO Commenters

IT HAS COME TO THIS: Humboldt Bay Fire Offers Tips on How to Help Prevent Dumpster Fires

November 2018

(VIDEO) Humboldt County Drag King in ICU After Head-on Collision on Oregon Highway; GoFundMe Campaign Launched

October 2018

SoHum Man Whops His Son on the Head With a Rifle After the Dang Ol’ Cat Steals Supper Off the Barbecue, Dagnabbit!

(VIDEO) Watch a Terrified, Blindfolded Sandra Bullock Wander Around Del Norte County’s Redwoods

Crescent City Proves You Can Paint an American Flag on Just About Anything

Next Week Scotia Will Say Goodbye to the Ol’ Number Nine Locomotive, a Downtown Fixture

McKinley Statue Removal Proponents Release Statement Saying They Played No Role in Recent Vandalism

Dude! Do You Have at Least Some Vague Memory of Seeing Jerry Garcia in SoHum in the Late ‘80s?

Honeydew Farmer Places at World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off, Says Pumpkin Could Be Emerald Triangle’s Largest Ever

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