Prop. 19 went down.  But the gap between yes and no on legalization has been closing and the battle for legalization is already on for 2012. Two year reprieve. Maybe…

Even with the extra are the prices for pounds going to stabilize? I doubt it.

What should Humboldt and the Emerald Triangle do with that precious time?  Supervisors and growers need to figure out how to keep the family farm alive. Firedoglake has a survey for growers and smokers alike.  Here’s your chance to say what legalization ought to look like.

If we learned one thing during this election, it’s that the marijuana reform movement needs to embrace the grassroots, to stop preaching, and to start listening. The top-down strategy of the marijuana reform movement up until now has failed, and must not be repeated.

So we want to hear from you. We want to know how we did in this election, and where you think the marijuana reform movement should go. Can you tell us what you think?

Tell us what you think: how did we do, and what can we do better next time? Click here to let us know.

We promise to read every word you write, and to report back on what we hear. Because one thing we know for sure: we can’t do this without you.