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October 2021

Amid Behind-the-Scenes Controversy, County Issues a New Call for Proposals to Market Humboldt Cannabis

New Documentary ‘Lady Buds’ Shines Light on Humboldt’s Women in Cannabis During an Era of Hardship

September 2021

TODAY in SUPES: Board Allocates $1M for Micro-Grants in an Effort to Help the ‘Failing Cannabis Industry’

August 2021

More Than $2M-Worth of Services Up for Grabs for Local Cannabis Community Via the County’s Project Trellis Equity Program

July 2021

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Sun Valley Weed Grow and How the Supervisors Reached a Decision

Supervisors Deny Appeal, Approve a (Downsized Again) 5.7-Acre Weed Grow on Sun Valley Property in Arcata Bottoms

June 2021

Marijuana Enforcement Team Destroys 1,449 pounds of Weed, Finds Evidence of Bear Poaching While Serving Search Warrants in Willow Creek, Sheriff’s Office Says

The Fate of Sun Valley’s Weed Farm Appears to Hinge on Size and Smell

Divided Board of Supervisors Punts Decision on Sun Valley Cannabis Farm to a Future Date

County Supervisors Set to Consider Appeal of Sun Valley’s 8-Acre Weed Farm in Arcata Bottoms

Enviro Groups to Sue U.S. Forest Service for Failing to Clean Up Toxic Waste Left by Trespass Cannabis Grows

May 2021

Entrepreneurs Unveil Plans to Convert Former Sierra Pacific Mill Into a Cannabis Compound With Eight Acres of Cultivation

Humboldt County Residents May Be Eligible for Tax Refund on Their Grow

April 2021

Planning Commission Approves Sun Valley’s 8-Acre Weed Farm in the Arcata Bottoms, a Crucial Step Forward for the County’s Largest Cannabis Cultivation Project

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) At the Cannabis Lounge: Papa and Barkley Social Set to Open in Eureka Next Month

Environmental Groups Sue Humboldt County Over Rolling Meadow Ranch Cannabis Project Near McCann

Arcata Land Company Agrees to Reduce the Size of Its Arcata Bottoms Cannabis Grow From 23 Acres to 8

Arcata Land Company Offers to Dramatically Reduce the Size of Its Proposed 23-Acre Cannabis Project

March 2021

Deputies Destroy 43 Pounds of Packaged Bud, 956 Plants, Seize 16 Guns and $37K at Grow Near Salmon Creek

TODAY in SUPES: Board Crafts Its Audit Committee, Revisits Controversial Weed Project Near Blue Lake

The County Improperly Expanded the Scope of Its Cannabis Cultivation Tax, Appeals Court Rules

Supervisors Add Conditions But Narrowly Deny Appeal of Rolling Meadow Ranch Cannabis Project in Remote SoHum

Want to Grow Some Last-Minute Weed This Year? Humboldt Offers an Expedited Permit For That

Appeal of 8.5-Acre Cannabis Project Along the Eel River Triggers Debate About Weed Grows in Remote Humboldt

February 2021

With Flower Business Struggling, Sun Valley Plans 23 Acres of Cannabis Cultivation in Arcata Bottoms

Cannabis Equity Programs Aim to Repair Damage Done by the War on Drugs, But Who Most Deserves the Help?

January 2021

County Planning Commission Forwards Permanent Industrial Hemp Ban to Board of Supervisors for Approval

December 2020

(VIDEO) Humboldt’s New Hip-Hop Video is All About the Weed … And Monetization

November 2020

TODAY in SUPES: Board Discusses How to Confront Anti-Mask Patrons and How to Market Humboldt County Cannabis

October 2020

A New State Law Could Allow Small-Scale Outdoor Cannabis Farmers to Adopt the French Wine Concept of Terroir

(VIDEO) Did You Even Know You Can Jump Your Bike Over Weed?

August 2020

TODAY in SUPES: Blue Lake Cannabis Farm Supported by Industry Colleagues But Vehemently Opposed by Neighbors

July 2020

Humboldt Has a Bunch of State Money to Promote Equity in the Cannabis Industry. So Where is It?

Multiple Agencies Eradicate 136,262 Cannabis Plants at Illegal Operations Near Humboldt/Trinity County Line

May 2020

County Awards $180,000 in Cannabis Micro-Grants via Project Trellis

November 2019

STATS: Over 200,000 Cannabis Plants Eradicated by Humboldt Sheriff’s Office During 2019 Season

October 2019

WEED GODS: Humboldt Now Has the Most Cultivation Licenses, Most Farms and Most Production Acreage in the State

Sheriff Says the Number of Illegal Pot Farms is Dwindling, But Many Remaining Outlaws Are Back to Hiding Indoors

Bring On the ‘Grown in Humboldt’ Labels: Governor Signs McGuire Bill That Protects Cannabis Appellations

Attention Un-permitted Small-Scale Weed Farmers: You Can Still Get Your Application Processed in Time for 2020 Grow Season, County Says

September 2019

OPERATION ‘GREEN WAVE’: One Arrested at Unpermitted Grow Off Highway 36

Did You Mean to Get Your Cannabis Cultivation Permit But Just, Like, SPACED IT? You Have Three Months to Un-Space Yourself

OPERATION ‘WILD FISHER’: Weeklong Trespass Grow Cleanup Operation Hauls Tons of Trash, Miles of Water Lines Out of the Trinity Alps Wilderness

August 2019

WEED IS BACK! Humboldt County Growers Say They’re Having Their Best Season in Years

1,888 Marijuana Plants Seized, Two Arrested During Grow-Op Raid On Public Lands Near Trinity Alps

July 2019

60,000+ Marijuana Plants, 3,500+ Pounds of Processed Bud Seized During Sizable Law Enforcement Operation in Trinity County

(UPDATE) Marijuana Grow Neighboring Arcata’s Jacoby Creek Community Forest Causes Logistical Nightmare for Government Agencies; City Expresses Concerns About Owner’s Sketchy History

(VIDEO) PBS NewsHour Looks at Craft Cannabis in the Emerald Triangle

‘OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP’: National Guard Will Also Assist in This Week’s Raids on Illegal Mendocino Marijuana Grow Sites

(VIDEO) Sheriff Honsal to Unpermitted Marijuana Growers: ‘We are Coming’

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