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DID YOU KNOW? The Lost Coast Outpost ends up writing about marijuana/cannabis issues quite frequently. Below, for your convenience, all those posts are gathered into one place. 

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Multi-Agency Trinity County Marijuana Grow Site Clean Up; Helicopter Used to Remove 31 Miles of Irrigation Hose, 21,000+ lbs. of Equipment

Proposed Arcata Cannabis Ordinance Would Limit Permits to 15 Businesses, Restrict Sales in Plaza Shops

Three Arrested, Thousands of Marijuana Plants Destroyed, $3 Million Cash Seized During Last Week’s Raids on Unregulated Grow Sites

Supervisors Pass County Weed Ordinance Version 2.0

People on the Street: Is 420 Still a Thing?

Happy 4/20! Supervisor Estelle Fennell Elected President of Multi-County California Cannabis Authority

(UPDATE: NOT YET) Busting Pot Farms From Space: Supervisors (MAY) Approve Contract With Company Offering High-Res Satellite Imagery to Assist With Code Enforcement

County Supervisors Ease Tax Burden on Weed Growers, Hire Attorneys to Sue Big Pharma’s Opioid Manufacturers

Here’s What People Had to Say About the County’s Comprehensive New Weed Ordinance, Including the Proposed Cultivation Permit Cap

County Supervisors Met Monday to Start Deliberating on Proposed New Weed Regs, Including a Permit Cap

California Has Already Issued More than 2,000 Cannabis Cultivation Licenses. Are Growers Being Set Up to Fail?

Two New Weed Stores on Eureka’s Fourth Street? City Council Set to Move Forward at Next’s Week’s Meeting

Legal Weed Summit to Be Held in Ukiah Next Week; McGuire, Wood Will Host ‘First 60 Days of Prop 64’ Hearing

‘You Are Sucking Us Dry’: Growers Descend on Supervisors Meeting to Protest Cannabis Fees, Taxes

California Growers Association Sues State Over Loophole in Pot Farm Size Limits

Just ‘Cause Weed’s Legal Now Doesn’t Mean You Can Smoke (or Ingest or Vape) It In Public, Eureka Reminds You

Water District Says Proposed Mercer-Fraser Marijuana Facility Threatens Health and Safety of Two of Every Three County Residents

If You Want to Weigh In on the County’s Commercial Cannabis Land Use Ordinance, Thursday’s Your Chance

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Rescind Obama-Era Memo Protecting States’ Rights on Marijuana Legalization

Pair of Local Marijuana Entrepreneurs, Including Founder of Jack’s Hand Cleaner, Busted in Tennessee Airport With More Than 150 Pounds of Weed, Cops Say

Recreational Weed Sales Are Brisk as Second Humboldt Retail Outlet Gets State License

(VIDEO) CNBC Show ‘The Profit’ Comes to ‘The Marijuana Capital of America’ (Guess Where That Is)

Recreational Weed Sales Start Monday Statewide; Here’s Where You Can Buy It Locally

CEASE AND DOSIST: The Weed Company Formerly Known as ‘hmbldt’ Has Changed Its Name

(VIDEO) Confused on How to Register Your Cannabiz? Cheech Will Help You!

WHAT WE FOUND THERE: Stories From Humboldt’s Marijuana Culture

Anxiety Runs High as Marijuana Legalization Puts Humboldt County’s Economy at a Crossroads

3,000 lbs. of Marijuana Seized and Destroyed After DEU Serves Warrants on Highway 36 Properties

PRICE SUPPORTS FOR GROWERS! North Coast’s Legislative Delegation Lobbies State Weed Official to Keep Cannabis Production Tiny

These are the Rules You Must Follow if You Want to Sell Marijuana in California Next Year

Spanish Tourists Made Up Story of Being Robbed at Gunpoint Near Lady Bird Johnson Grove to Conceal Relation to Marijuana Grow, Say Rangers

1,000 Pounds of Marijuana, Vehicles Stolen by Armed Men in Tactical Gear on Bald Hills Road, Says Sheriff’s Office

HARDIN: Please Don’t Scare the Trimmigrants

With Its Weed Business Booming, City of Rio Dell Makes Pitch for Cannabis Tax on November Ballot

Garberville Sanitary District Sez: Dudes, We Don’t Have Enough Municipal Water to Feed All Your Grow Ops

(VIDEO) Kirsten Dunst on Humboldt Weed: ‘This is, Like, STUH-RONG Shit’

Supervisors Opt to Prorate Cannabis Excise Tax, Place Moratorium on Weed Grows in Coastal Zone

Suspected Hash Lab Explosion West of Willits Blows Hole in Roof of 30,000-Square-Foot Warehouse

Environmental Leaders Say County’s Weed Ordinance and Draft EIR are Fine But Enforcement is Sorely Lacking

These Marijuana Bills From Our State Reps Could Shape California’s Legal Weed Industry

Two Days of Megaraids in the Petrolia Area — Each Centered on a Limited Liability Company — Yield Over 13,000 Plants, Three Tons of Processed Weed, Numerous Environmental Violations

(PHOTOS) Arcata Celebrates Cannabis Culture With First Ever ‘Yes We Cann Parade & Hullabaloo’

One Arrested, One At Large After Eureka Marijuana Deal Gone Bad

11,412 Marijuana Plants Eradicated, 1,153 Pounds Seized, Three Arrested After Three-Day HCSO-Led Raid

4,500 Marijuana Plants from 23 Unpermitted Gardens Eradicated by Humboldt Sheriff’s DEU; Environmental Violations Discovered; Three Arrested

Mendo Cops Make Big Weed Bust on Willits Tribal Land … at the Request of Tribal Officials, Sheriff’s Office Says

Here’s the Documentation You’ll Need to Keep the Sheriff’s Office From Busting Your Weed Grow

Armed Men Allegedly Pose as Law Enforcement in Attempt to Steal Northern Mendocino Marijuana Crop

Humboldt Sheriff’s Office Eradicates 5,491 Marijuana Plants on Parcel Without Commercial Grow Permits

Over 30,000 Marijuana Plants Eradicated at Trespass Grow on National Forest Land in Trinity County; Three Arrested