— If, like me, you don’t watch much TV news, then you might not have an idea just how horrific the last couple of days’ worth of tornadoes across the South have been. At least 297 people have been killed, reports USA Today, with unbelievable destruction rained down upon cities.

The Associated Press posted this amateur video, more terrifying than anything in Cloverfield:

— The T-S takes a peek at recently released 2010 Census data, and finds not such great news, economically speaking. On the one hand, our poverty rate is one of the worst in the state (though relatively comparable to the region). The county’s median family income is higher than the region’s at large – beating Shasta County and Redding, for instance – but still well below the state average.

Lots more stuff in there on education and population numbers. Go on ahead and click through.

— The city of Eureka is doing the visioning thing, loyal LoCO fact-checker “AE” reports. In advance of a series of meetings that will end with the city setting its long-term goals down on paper, consultants had city councilmembers take the Myers-Briggs personality test … a gem of a subject for a Public Records Act request, if anyone’s interested.

— County planning staff are preparing to release new maps showing where future multifamily housing developments may be built. This is a response to the ongoing furore over the general plan update process.

— On the KMUD News: SoHum’s Robert Firestone still missing (0:40). Rep. Mike Thompson talks about the Farms & Fisheries Summit he and other members of Congress hosted in the Bay Area/Sacramento River town of Antioch Wednesday – an effort to unite “sustainable food producers” (in the words of Zeke Grader) against corporate agribusiness (3:50). Humboldt County’s high ranking in the “State of the Air 2011 Report” (16:40). 

KHUM News, April 28