– A big landslide out near Alderpoint over the weekend – it happened just about the same time as The Slide That Will Not Be Named – got much worse last night. Continued land movement into Dobbyn Creek diverted the stream, which threatened a local home and Alderpoint Road. County road workers have been attempting to hold back the waters with sandbags. SoHum Awareness and Kym Kemp have been all over the case.

– The owners of the embattled Fernbridge Cafe, who stand accused of ignoring health department shutdown orders and serving food in an E. coli-tainted atmosphere, told KSLG’s John Matthews that they are the victims of senseless persecution brought by county bureaucrats. Comparisons to the rise of Nazi power in 1930s Germany are not out of place.

It is time to take back our country, said owners Steve Sterbeck and Deb Woods. Audio below: