Pink and sugar bud

Eric looked down at his hands and slowly began to rub the resin from his fingers. “My neighbor has a full-time, legit job, but it’s close to minimum wage,” he said. “She has a degree in wildlife management, but the job she landed doesn’t pay the bills, so she trims to subsidize. If she lost her trim jobs, she’d have to leave the County, that’s for sure.”

“And, that’s what I’m talking about,” Jake said. “The worker-bees subsidize. Your friend shops at local stores, takes her dog to the Vet. Do a paper-trail on anyone working in the grow industry – not the growers, but the workers, and you can see what it will mean to the economy up here.

That’s an excerpt from a series of marijuana themed stories being published in The Puffington Host.  Local writer, Sharon Letts who previously published in The Arcata Eye, is now putting out a series entitled Humboldt Stories: Behind the Curtain.

You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.