Emerald cup entries


North Coast’s marijuana aficionados will be gathering Saturday for the Emerald Cup.  There, entries are judged on appearance, taste, and effect and winning leads to bragging rights and growing opportunities.  One winner explained to me last year how he was offered several jobs as a result of his placement but had to turn them down as he feared that an earlier arrest and conviction might cause issues.

Our community has a split relationship with the growers.  On one hand they are rewarded handsomely with money.  On the other, they can be arrested at any minute.  Matt Cohen, the poster child for growers working to do everything as legal as possible who worked with the Mendocino Co. Sheriff in the Zip-tie program, was raided by federal agents just a little over a month ago.

The Emerald Cup celebrates the cannabis culture and is unique.  Last year, I went with an editor at High Times who was absolutely enchanted.  He had never seen anything like it.

This year the Cup has a roster of entertainment and speakers lined up. It looks like I’ll be there photographing for Skunk magazine.

Music By:
The Mighty Diamonds
Katadelic Feat. RonKat Spearman
The Funkanauts
Alex Kent
Guerilla Takeover

Guest Speakers:
Matt Kumin - Attorney / Filed Lawsuit Against the Feds
Kyndra Miller - NORML
Tony Serra - Legendary Trial Lawyer
Valerie Corral - WAMM “Lifetime Achievement Award”
Omar Figueroa - Criminal Defense Lawyer

* Highest CBD Content
* Joint Rolling
* Guess The Roaches in the Jar
* Biggest Stalk
* Best New Strain
* Photo Contest
* Guess the old-School Strains