Listen To the California Report at 6:30 on KHSU to hear voices in our community talking about their lives and how they see the future of Southern Humboldt. Please give us feedback here as we are hoping to do a longer audio piece which we will pitch to places like This American Life and the American Folklore Society.

The Series is called NEW HARVEST:THE FUTURE OF SMALL TOWN CALIFORNIA.  There have been stories on Lindsay and Boonville already (I’m only working on this one).  Both of those earlier stories are important to us here.  They talk of what happens when a community relies on one crop and how large corporations can swallow up small farms. Turn the audio up and clean the kitchen or your shop while you get better informed about the future of this area. Each piece is about 8 minutes.

Consider going to and supporting independent journalism such as these.  I’ll be writing about this intriguing way of funding media YOU believe in over the weekend.