Hey, remember that suspected wildfire we posted about yesterday? Well, we might not have known what we were talking about, but the scanner phreaks at wildlandfire.com were all over this business. (Thanks once again to aggrieved LoCO superfan “Jonathan.”)


The second round of state redistricting maps was due to be released this Thursday, and we’ve been hella primed. Will Rep. Mike Thompson stay or will he go? What about State Sen. Noreen Evans? Do we get Marin or Santa Rosa or Redding or what?

We know we’re not the only ones asking this question. Just as an example, it is to be imagined that Thompson, Evans and a handful of aspirants to their respective thrones are also a bit curious to see where the lines will fall. But then today the Citizens Redistricting Commission announced that it was bagging out of the whole “second-round” deal and heading straight for the finish line instead.

This will piss people off.


A couple of public service announcements from county government:

1). The “Sheriff’s Citizens On Patrol” squad is looking for volunteers. Have some spare time? Want to help out local law enforcement? See the press release here.

2). The Health and Human Services Department wishes to let you know that “Teen Tdap Thursdays” have begun … at long last! Your potentially poxy teen can get cheap-to-free vaccinations for tetanus, diptheria and whooping cough through Aug. 25. See press release here.

Because guess what? There are new vaccination requirements for highschoolers/middleschoolers this year, and they’re way more stringent than before.


Podcast mania! For a couple of months, we here at the Lost Coast Outpost have been honored and privileged to host The Point’s flagship podcast, “Moments With Andy.”

But make room, Andy! As of today, all nine of Lost Coast Communications’ podcasts have migrated to the LoCO. You’ve got old-school favorites – KHUM’s “Coastal Currents” and “Happy Trails” and KSLG’s “John Matthews’ Guest of the Week” – mixing it up with young turks like Myles to Midnight and the aforementioned Andrew Powell, our VP of Keeping It Real. Plus: Lotsa great live music from the KHUM and KSLG studios.

Check it out! You can download episodes, listen right there on the page or subscribe via iTunes or Feedburner. You can leave comments on any episode, just like with these here blog posts. Please enjoy.