Law Enforcement has been cracking down on illegal marijuana gardens in the Mendocino National Forest. The stealthy operation  has refused to release much information until this Friday at a press conference after the operations conclusion. Still the Department of Justice (DOJ) is saying that more than 75 people were arrested during this intensive sweep that spanned Mendocino, Lake, Trinity, Colusa, Tehama, and Glenn counties.  The DOJ claims that this is one of the biggest eradication efforts in the history of California..

According to the Appeal Democrat, the DOJ is withholding specifics until Friday

“…because of (officer) safety issues and the fact that many of these investigations are still ongoing…”

Many of those arrested were reportedly caught trying to run from mountain garden sites, but others believed to be connected to the operations on the street level have also been taken into custody, authorities said.

“These are large investigations because it is not enough to just pull the plants out the ground,” [Special Agent Michelle] Gregory said. “We also have to find out who is putting it there and stop them.”

State and federal narcotics agents are working closely with local county agents, but Gregory declined to comment further….”Prop 215 growers are not being targeted,” Gregory said. “This is not the focus of the eradication andreclamation effort.”


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