Ever ride a Harley with the pipes rumbling?  Ever gone to a wet t-shirt contest? (You don’t get to see the actual contest in the video just the gathering.)   A local couple (Rick Bonham and Sandra Snodgrass Bonham) filmed the ride starting in Richardson Grove.

Photos below the fold (some are a little risque.) Welcome to the Run.

For the riders, its about the fun but for the locals the fun brings some much needed money into our economy.

Bikes and babes are the most obvious things to look out here. (This bike belongs to Chili Gribi.)

Biker games—here was the water-balloon toss.

Here’s the weinie bite

Of course, getting girls to flash their breasts is a major sport.

This year there was a flagellation (and more but I decided the photos of a woman getting her breasts nicked with knives was too much.)

Bikes, of course, are what it’s mainly about.