The number of cannabis plants seized went up this last year but the number of indoor plants seized dropped. The San Francisco Weekly, The Snitch, crunched the numbers and came up with some big digits to wrap your mind around.

DEA agents uprooted 10,329,185 cannabis plants in 2010, with the lion’s share — 7,392,652 — extracted right here in California, according to the DEA’s annual report.

That resulted in a seizure of 52,928 pounds of “processed” marijuana and 1,591 arrests in California. In comparison, here are DEA’s national totals: 85,926 pounds of marijuana seized and 9,687 people arrested.

Again, we will put that into context for you: 2007 was considered, by many in the pot community, to be the worst year for federal raids. And even then, agents only nabbed 4,951,976 plants, seized 21,239 pounds of pot, and booked 1,084 people in California.

But more than this, Mendocino County alone had over 1/2 million plants seized by CAMP.  More than the DEA captured in the remaining 49 states.  California is the leader among plants seized with 11,712,966 from the DEA and CAMP combined. Why isn’t Humboldt’s numbers right up there with Mendo’s?  Well, according to The Snitch, Humboldt County Sheriff’s didn’t as for help from CAMP like the Mendo Sheriffs did.

CAMP says it nabbed 540,000 plants in Mendocino County, but 140,911 plants in Humboldt and 120,431 in Trinity counties, or less than what cops nabbed in San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

That’s because, our source tells us, Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman requested help from CAMP, whereas Humboldt County sheriffs did not.

“I had friends in Humboldt tell me they couldn’t believe what they were getting away with [in 2010],” our source told us.