Last night at 1am Caltrans and JF Shea punched through a road on the 101 Slide for EMERGENCY VEHICLES ONLY!

Thomas Norris, a consultant employed by Caltrans, worked a full shift in Miranda yesterday at the job just south of there, then worked a shift at the 101 slide. I reached him as he was heading back out to work this morning again. He said they had started construction work on the slide and they are working “24/7” to get the road open for everyone.

Shea has been working on the Avenue and was able to get machines quickly over to the site.  They got the emergency contract at 2pm yesterday, had a meeting at 3 to determine best course of action and by 7 pm were on the slide. By 1 am a road for fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles only was shoveled through the enormous quantity of dirt that had slid down yesterday morning.

UPDATE 9:53:Dan Gribi will be flying Diana Totten, Clif Clendenen and Tom Madsen Mattson of the Hum. Co. Dept of Public works (County roads) around the southern half of the county today. Diana will be pointing out the vast amount of slides that are happening throughout the area as well as traffic patterns as folk attempt to go around the 101 slide using back roads.


Photo taken yesterday by Kim Sallaway

Hat tip to Diana Totten for the information about JF Shea being the construction company. She hopes that local dump truck operators will be hired to do much of the work.  I hope she’s is right and will ask when I get hold of Shea.