Photo: Kim Sallaway @ Redheaded Blackbelt

— The T-S has a round-up of government people and official types talking about the slide. Caltrans is sticking to its estimate: It thinks it can get the road open to some kind of traffic in a couple of days. The county roads people are a little bit freaked, and are trying to get people to go over to I-5 rather than detouring around via local backwoods routes.

— Local manufacturers and retails outlets are scrambling to get deliveries detoured. Most of the people the T-S talked to are having little problem rerouting their trucks over 299. That highway is a bit sketchy for trucks, though.

— KMUD was all over the slide, and last night’s newscast especially useful for SoHum residents seeking information.

— Meanwhile in Sacramento, budget talks are in meltdown mode. The T-S has our local Democratic delegation blasting Republicans for not voting to put a tax measure on the ballot; the move will mean an additional $15 billion in cuts to balance the budget.

Below, the governor takes to YouTube to announce that discussions with Republicans are over: