– Tell you the truth, every goddamn bit of news worth mentioning happened right here on the LoCO. You got your Ingomar Club update , your traffic madness and Sheriff Downey’s budgetary shot across the supervisorial bow .

(OK, we did miss the NCJ Blogthing’s massive national scoop . Can’t win ‘em all.)

– Now, tomorrow! The owners of the Fernbridge Cafe are coming back on the KSLG airwaves for I think the fourth time to discuss the legal scrapes they’ve gotten into surrounding the E. coli -tainted water on their premises. That’s at 10 a.m. sharp on K-SLUG, 94.1 FM and streaming live at kslg.com.

What are they going to talk about? Ever the colorful characters, Steve Sterback and Deb Woods have taken to wrapping themselves in the flag when describing their travails at the hands of government gone mad. Well – and this is a teaser – lately they’ve wrapped the whole damned building in the flag!


– The Lost Coast Outpost, junior partner to KWPT (The Point) – 100.3 & 102.7 FM – is thrilled to play host to the very first The Point-produced podcast! This is a li’l thing-a-ma-ding called “ Moments With Andy, ” and if you’re following @ ThePointKWPT , you know exactly what it is.

Night Show: Andy wonders if Pope John Paul II is “definitely” in heaven (7:10p); he thinks the Department of Managed Health Care doth -
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-protest too little (8:10p); and Texans like it big, but they’re not big fans of aggressive pat downs (9:10p). All this, only on 100.3 F.M.
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