– For the LoCO‘s money, KQED’s John Myers is pretty much the best reporter going on the Sacramento beat these days. A couple of days ago, he posted a long item on the Citizens Redistricting Commission, a state body that has received a bit of attention up this way of late. The commission is poring over the 2010 Census numbers and preparing to redraw the lines of California’s Congressional and legislative districts, and there’s a lot of fear (or hope) that Humboldt County – doomed to play the role of satellite, however things fall – will end up lumped together with red-state Redding instead of yuppie-lib Santa Rosa.

Myers’ take is that these kind of questions are pretty much a sideshow, on the grand scheme of things. The commission’s first priority is going to be that the new lines comply with the Voting Rights Act. Everything else – de-gerrymandering, re-gerrymandering, “communities of interest,” what have you – takes a back seat to that.

– Followers of the Arcata Community Recycling Center drama won’t want to miss one of Kevin Hoover’s pieces in this week’s Arcata Eye. Turns out that Arcata is fully expecting that the ACRC will file suit against the City and everyone else if, as expected, it loses its contract with the Humboldt Waste Management Authority.

– The crappy ol’ Eureka Municipal Golf Course gets some backhanded love this week on the New York Times Golf Blog (!?!). There’s more, but this extract caught our eye:

“This bayside course has some ragged fairways, the greens are lush but bumpy, and making the turn involves dodging speeding pick-ups with no license plates. And at least half the players appear stoned.”