The County of Humboldt has just released its response to the Public Records Act request filed last month by Shirley Fuller, assistant to Eureka kazillionaire Rob Arkley. The response is incomplete, and could invite further legal action, if the Arkley camp wishes to press the matter.

Of the various items requested by Fuller, the county saw fit to release only one: Supervisor Mark Lovelace’s email correspondence between April 1 and April 4. (A complete list of items requested by Fuller can be found here.) All told, the county released 66 PDF documents representing Lovelace’s inbox and outbox for the period in question, minus items redacted due to attorney-client privilege.

The county declined to release all other e-mails requested on the somewhat incredible grounds that its computer system is insufficiently powerful to search for them, as it explained in a letter.

However: If, as was supposed at the time, part of Fuller’s aim was merely to discover if Lovelace had “leaked” copies of a letter sent to the Board of Supervisors by Kay Backer, lobbyist with the Arkley-affiliated group Humboldt Economic Land Plan, then she may have her answer.

The county’s response shows that Lovelace did indeed forward the letter in question — itself a public document — to at least two people: Jen Kalt of the Healthy Humboldt Coalition and Elizabeth Conner, a housing advocate previously affiliated with Healthy Humboldt. (Document links: Kalt, Conner.) In each case, Lovelace prepended a short comment to the recipient: “…and this” in Kalt’s case, and “More fun!” in Conner’s.

Lovelace did a bit more writing in a heated stretch of correspondence with Arkley himself over the period of a few days in early April, and seems to have culminated in the filing of Fuller’s PRA request. It kicked off with a short response to Backer’s original letter:

Hi Kay. Just as a note, I was involved in the GPU at the time that the small group of people ‘walked out’ and formed HELP because they didn’t like the direction that the majority of the public wanted to go with the General Plan. Since you weren’t there at the time, I’d be happy to inform you of the realities of history.

Backer forwarded the message to Arkley, who unleashed his legendary e-mail venom:

Funny, many people contradict what you assert occurred in that meeting.

Your problem is that you continue to be caught in lie after lie. Your credibility is very low. Look at what you told Mayor Frank about your trip to to State Lands.  We supplied him with the proof that directly contradicted what you told him. Why would he listen to you again?  That is hardly an isolated instance. Examples of your lackof veracity are numerous.             

Truth matters. You just don’t seem to think that it does.For that reason, unless you are talking to a fellow traveler, your credibility will continue to wane.  People are much smarter than you think.

Lovelace rose to the bait:

Given the long list of documented lies that you have told about me, it is incongruous that you should profess any interest in the truth. As usual, the facts and evidence are solidly on my side and thus my faith in the truth does not require your concurrence. I will simply add this to the ever-growing list.

As always, though we obviously have disagreements I do truly look forward to someday finding an issue where we can work side by side. Of course to do so would require that you put the betterment of our community and our economy above your personal agenda. I remain ever hopeful that you may someday demonstrate such willingness.

Arkley shot back:

Perhaps there will be a time, but the odds are unlikely. You seem intent on stopping economic progress for working folks, not fostering it, which I do.

More and more identify and laugh at your wild attack methods, indefense of your clear lies, which are primitive and amateurish. You should change your methods, but do not seem to be able to, much like the rest of extreme Leftists.

Lovelace apparently did not respond, but Arkley sent another message the next day:

Apparently, you recently made Jonathan Speaker laugh with your baseless and wild assertions of your “accomplishments.”  Your arms and shoulders must be sore with all of your patting on your back.  You, like most extremists, confuse activity for achievement/accomplishments.    

The fun thing about today is that the internet has allowed us to expose and circulate your baseless and foolish statements.  The truth will out.  That is your major problem. Every time you put your wild statements in writing, they are circulated. Still, you continue. People see you and will soon see even more.  That is why when some people say that you are smart and well informed, many, soon most of us, laugh.  You don’t get it, which endlessly delights me/us.   

Remember: Truth matters.    

Bonnie was all about lies, shadows and backroom use of government against all of us.  She could not change and her record was exposed. You will have the same exposure.  People are far more smart than you give them credit for.

To which Lovelace responded, simply:

Thanks for the laugh, Rob!

Full document here.

The LoCO is currently uploading and cataloguing all 66 Lovelace e-mails released persuant to the Fuller request, and will post additional documents soon. Our own Public Records Act request, somewhat similar in scope, is still pending.