– With the official release of Wicked Bugs , who is our Amy Stewart destroying this week? Well, just take a gander at this list from the American Booksellers Association.

In an act of mercy, she swiftly puts down the runt of the Foer litter with the literary equivalent of a brick to the skull. Hey, Josh – see if you can “ remember ” this!

A historian from the hallowed Knopf stable gets similar treatment. Adam Goodheart’s “original and thought-provoking” 1861: The Civil War Awakening goes right back to sleep. Snore!

Last but not least, none other than Katie Couric falls before the Humboldt County advance. Katie, baby – you do your best work staring blankly at Sarah Palin, and that’s no small thing. How about we leave the writing to professionals?

UPDATE :Whoops, we almost forgot!

Look out, @MikeDronkers — the bugs land at noon. Expect scorpions, body lice, termites, etc. Tune in @KHUMradio. Be very afraid.
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– Return of the water bag ? At 9 a.m. this morning, the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District will hold a public hearing on potential uses for its giant water supply surplus; the T-S’s Donna Tamistan reports that shipping the water out to other municipalities via the ol ‘ tug-‘n’-water bag is very much an option again . [ CORRECTION:  Though the matter was on the Water Board agenda, the public hearing itself doesn’t happen until July; thanks to LoCO  megafan “KSB” for the correction.] 

– New “voluntary rezone” general plan update maps are skedded to go live on the county’s website today; the T-S’s Donna Tammy Tutone reports that, as expected, almost all of the county’s new multifamily units are planned for McKinleyville and Cutten .

– The City of Eureka is still spending way more than it’s taking in , but it ain’t as bad as it once was.

– Somehow we missed yesterday’s “My Word!” piece on Richardson Grove from Gary Graham Hughes, new executive director of the Environmental Protection Information Center. It’s a civil and heartfelt response to last week’s LoCO column .

– On the KMUD News: DA Paul Gallegos, Sheriff Mike Downey and other law enforcement officials hold a town hall in SoHum (4:30). County layoffs coming (12:00).

KMUD News, May 4