Nearly 10,000 one inch plants were found today around noon by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

9,900. One. Inch. Plants.

Now I could be wrong but I’m guessing somebody was working real hard the last day or two because, with this sun, one inch plants are going to double in size in no time at all.

I’m trying to picture…Did they have them planted close together planning on thinning them like rows of corn? Or did they have them properly spaced—in which case, I’m surprised that they didn’t spot the field from outer space. That is one large garden.

The details are sketchy; the press release says only…

Deputies were investigating a report of trespassers on private timber company property, located in the Cumming Creek area off Highway 36, Carlotta. While checking the property, Deputies located approximately 9,900 marijuana plants that were about 1 inch in height. Deputies found a campsite near the marijuana garden. When Deputies searched the campsite they discovered through different items in the campsite that Hispanic suspects were possibly cultivating this marijuana garden. No suspects were located in the area.

This case is still under investigation.

9,900. One. Inch. Plants.


Wow, just wow.  If only The Daily Beast had seen this bust, Humboldt would have been the pot capital this year,  for sure.

Hat tip to Hank and Kevin Hoover at the Eye.