Northstone Organics founder, Matt Cohen, and Mendocino Sheriff Tom  Allman (as well as others) speak out on California Watch’s Center for Investigative Reporting tonight.  The US Attorney’s are taking on California’s medical marijuana community.  They have targeted several dispensaries, the cities of Eureka and Arcata and the zip-tie program.  Federal officers raided Cohen last month. Cohen’s state of the art security system recorded the raid by federal officers on one of the pioneer participants of the ziptie program and this informative video story is punctuated with the footage.  Take a few minutes and watch it.  This is history in the making.  Watching brave people such as Cohen and Allman stand between the grinding stones of history and try and be true to what they believe is awe-inspiring. (I know that last sentence is a little purple but I defy anyone to watch this piece and not be impressed at these two men’s courage and integrity.)

There has been some response from Americans for Safe Access who sued the federal government citing the fed’s actions in Eureka and Arcata.