Large rocks tumbled onto Hwy 101 just north of Confusion Hill after noon today. (KMUD said traffic control was in effect from 12:5o) According to Rocky Rivers,* “It came down in front of a bus full of passengers, the driver was so shaken that he remained at the scene for 1/2 hour to calm down. He did the loaded bus panic brake maneuver!”

Garth Epling, owner of Emerald Technologies, explained that before Caltrans  could get there six people,  a mixture of locals and tourists helped clear one lane. “Funny how people are,” he said, “[S]ix people help clear a lane and as soon as we get it clear, people are trying to zoom by in their cars.”

Caltrans was able to get there soon.  According to Rick Bonham, “The road was partially blocked for about 1 1/2 hours but [traffic] was able to use one lane during that period. It took two loaders to move the massive rock you see [in the photos.”


Top two photos by Garth Epling.  Bottom by Rocky Rivers (Pseudonym)*.