The rain is supposed to be letting up today—just showers with a chance of thunderstorms.  Great photography weather hopefully.

This is a guest photo by Uti taken10/3/11.  He calls it Clearing Fall Storm.  He took it kooking towards the King Range from Dutyville Ridge.  The tip of King Peak is barely visible above the low clouds swirling around the ridges of the Mattole Valley.

He added, “The first serious Fall storm came and went [day before] yesterday leaving behind 1.9 inches of rain on Dutyville Ridge reducing fire danger and soaking the remaining unharvested outdoor marijuana.  This was good news for endangered young steelhead and salmon that were trapped in the small pools of creeks, making them more vulnerable to predators.  I watched Mattole Canyon Creek rise yesterday freshening the holding pool by our bridge and allowing the babies to travel downstream to the river.