Once again, the analysis at One Good Year, a local blog, grabs the facts around marijuana, organizes them, and explains their implications clearly.  Michael Jakubal, One Good Year’s writer, discusses the case of a Mendocino Medical Cooperative, Northstone Organics, which attempted to transport its legal (under Mendo’s ziptie rule) marijuana to the Bay Area only to be targeted by Sonoma Co. law enforcement.  A Mendocino Co. supervisor and a Mendocino Co. Sheriff spoke at the trial on the behalf of the defendants. One of the most important points Jakubal made was

“The North Coast counties are producing counties, dependent on medical marijuana “exports” to the rest of the state (and to the rest of the country on the black market, but that’s another subject). By testifying in favor of the defendants, the Mendo officials were indirectly acknowledging something that few in politics or law enforcement have been willing to say out loud: for the Emerald Triangle’s nascent white-market medical marijuana economy to have any possibility of success, we have to export to and transport through the rest of the state.”

You must read this article.