We’re extremely pleased to announce friend of the LoCO Malcolm DeSoto earned this year’s Economic Fuel: The Humboldt County Student Business Challenge Grand Prize. DeSoto’s Runaway Kite Productions will have an extra $25,000 to develop his media production company.

DeSoto’s experience isn’t limited to Renner and Robert Goodman Winery commercials nor clever PSAs for area nonprofits — he also edited local filmmaker Maria Matteoli’s big debut, The Wine of Summer. (Look! He’s on IMDb!)

When asked about his achievement, DeSoto answered in his typical understated fashion. “It was a lot of work,” he noted, “but it all worked out.” 


UPDATE, 2:16 p.m.: Please find below DeSoto’s TV ad for our hit-slanging colleagues at KHUM. Ed.

KHUM - Radio Without The Rules from malcolm man on Vimeo.