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Did This Lady Shoot Someone?

Trinity County Press Release:

On the night of August 15, 2012 Trinity County Sheriff Deputies were contacted by a subject claiming that Donna Huebsch had told them that she (Huebsch) had shot a man by the name of Adrian and she needed help with moving the body. On that same night Trinity County Sheriff Deputies questioned Huebsch and searched her residence and the area near Huebsch’s residence in Burnt Ranch. The Deputies were unable to find a body or evidence of a shooting.

On August 21, 2012 Trinity County Sheriff Investigators served a search warrant at Donna Huebsch’s residence in Burnt Ranch. Detectives at that time located a body down the hillside from Huebsch’s residence in a heavily wooded area with underlying brush. The body has not been identified and an autopsy is scheduled for Friday. Donna Huebsch was arrested at her residence and has been booked into the Trinity County Jail for Murder, her bail has not been set as of yet.

Call  the Trinity Co. Sheriff—(530) 623-2611 if you have any information.



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